Bluechip Concrete are commercial and industrial concrete specialists. We deliver solid foundations for all types of projects, including all aspects of Gold Coast concrete flooring – site preparations, project design and construction management for concrete flatwork F-floor.

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Detailed excavation

Detailed excavation is an essential part of the process in preparing your site. We manage all aspects of detailed excavations and remove spoils from site to get your concrete project ready for the next stage.

Ground slab preparation

We make all necessary preparations to ensure the highest structural integrity of your foundations for concrete slabs on the ground. Includes preparations for conventional raft or waffle slabs.

Formwork, footing and foundations

We install all reinforcement and formwork needed for commercial concreting applications. From supply and placement of bedding sand, visqueen damp proof solutions, mesh reinforcement and more.

BONDEK® Suspended slabs

Mezzanine floors are common in industrial buildings as a great way to maximise space. Our Gold Coast concrete flooring team has extensive experience in installing LYSAGHT BONDEK® suspended slabs for warehouses, shopping centres and other industrial applications.

Concrete cutting

We use modern concrete cutting methods and the latest saw cutting technology to ensure any jobs that require concrete cutting are completed quickly, safely and with precision results.

External concrete paving

We install external concrete paving to complement exterior building and landscaping finishes for your next Gold Coast concrete flooring project.

Flat Floors – F Numbers

Our Gold Coast concrete flooring team are experts in the F-number system for measuring floor flatness and levelness. Using the latest technology, equipment and concrete flatwork F-Floor standards, we can deliver flatter and more level concrete floors for your commercial and industrial projects.

Laser screed polished concrete

We use laser screeding machines to deliver flat floors with improved quality and incredible accuracy for commercial projects that require specific concrete tolerances.

Concrete construction and project management

Achieving the highest standard of work requires accuracy across all aspects of concrete construction and project management. The Bluechip Concrete team is experienced in complex plan reading, understanding and calculating levels and applying the highest finishing standards for all industrial projects.

Concrete finishing

Specialist equipment, quality materials and proven skills are essential when working on projects of scale. Bluechip Concrete uses all of these to ensure the flattest, smoothest result every time. Read more about our commercial services.

Warehouse slabs

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast concrete flooring experts work with clients and project managers on warehousing, manufacturing, shopping centre retail and other commercial projects. View our latest projects.

Shopping centres

We have extensive experience in shopping centre projects, working with head contractors for major retailers on new and redevelopment projects for Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and IGA.