Expert solutions for all Brisbane commercial and Gold Coast industrial concreting projects.

Bluechip Concrete delivers the latest technology, specialist equipment and quality materials to get your next concreting project off to a solid start.

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Commercial and industrial concreting specialists

Concrete for a commercial setting is different to regular concreting. Everything is bigger: the size and scale of the project, the technology and equipment used, the mount of materials and labour required. Careful assessment of how the finished space will be used is required every time.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast industrial concreting experts understand what drives commercial projects. We work with your project managers and contractors to ensure jobs are completed on time and on budget.

Bluechip Concrete services

  • Detailed excavation and site preparation
  • All footings and foundations for concrete flooring
  • Concrete ground slabs
  • Flat floors (specified FF/FL and F-min numbers)
  • F-number measurement
  • External concrete paving
  • Concrete curing
  • Mezzanine/suspended slabs
  • Floor hardeners
  • Decorative concrete finishes
  • Retaining wall footings
  • Industrial water tank slabs and footings

Find out more about Bluechip Concrete capabilities and how our Gold Coast industrial concreting experts can support your next project.

Specialist equipment + latest technology

Bluechip Concrete uses specialist equipment featuring the latest technology to ensure the best result every time. Equipment, materials and skilled trades are your greatest asset when working on projects of scale.

Our Brisbane and Gold Coast industrial concreting experts have everything you need to get your project completed on time with quality outcomes. Bluechip Concrete tools of the trade include:

  • Laser screeds – for precision concrete screeding in even the most demanding applications, including subgrade and concrete screeding.
  • Trowel machines – walk behind and ride on options to give the best finishes and flattest floors.
  • LYSAGHT BONDEK® - versatile formwork, reinforcement and ceiling system for concrete slabs, including mezzanine floors.

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Bluechip Concrete are experts in concrete flooring for commercial projects, including shopping centres, warehousing and industrial needs. We take special care to ensure concrete flooring stays strong and durable; and can withstand the demands of heavy goods and machinery.

Visit the Bluechip Concrete project gallery to see our Brisbane and Gold Coast industrial concreting team in action.